5 Foolproof Tips for Sewer and Drainage Line Cleaning

Sewer and Drainage Line Cleaning in Staten Island

Most homeowners pay little attention to their sewage and drainage systems. In normal operation, nobody will even notice this system is there. But when issues arise, you may have to spend a lot of money to fix them, either by hiring an expert or trying to figure out how to do it yourself.

However, you may reduce the likelihood of pipe damage by keeping your sewer and drains clean consistently and thoroughly. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place if you care about the health of your sewer and drain system. You can learn how to clean your drains and sewers more effectively by reading the following suggestions from Sewer Cleaning Pros Staten Island, your trusted experts in Sewer cleaning in Staten Island, NY.

1. Clean Your Drains Frequently

Getting your hands on an enzyme cleaner is one option for accomplishing this. A wide array of enzyme cleaners are available. It’s possible to find cleaners that are great for getting rid of pet stains and others that are better suited for unclogging drains. Professional-grade cleansers may be designed for this task at most hardware stores and plumbing supply outlets.

Put the cleanser in a large drain as directed by the manufacturer. A basement drain is ideal, but any sizable drain will do. Since enzyme cleaners rely on a biological process, they can’t be used in an emergency. Please don’t rush the cleaner; give it time to do its job.

2. Snake Drain Cleaning

Using a snake is simple and inexpensive. You only need a snake and a few minutes to unclog a small drain or toilet in your home. Snakes are drills that can be inserted into a drain system and used to either twist or cut through a clog.

Snakes aren’t a permanent solution, but they can unclog some minor obstructions. To avoid costly repairs, use a snake cautiously when cleaning drains. When a snake fails to clear a blockage, it’s time to call a plumber.

Staten Island Drain Cleaning

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Many individuals use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar as a degreasing cleaner. You’ll get a foamy and bubbly chemical reaction when you combine these two. The baking soda will assist scrape away grease that contributes to the clog, and the bubbles will do a good job of doing just that.

After the grease has cooled, it might become quite sticky. Grease in your pipes will act as a magnet for other forms of waste. Even if you don’t flush an excessive amount of grease down the drain, it can still clog your pipes. Buildup occurs over time, and this cleaning method is simple, effective, and convenient enough to use whenever needed.

4. Flushing Your Drain Lines

If there isn’t a clog, flushing the lines with water is the best way to get rid of debris and restore flow. You can use some drain cleaner in the water in the process. If you want to combine a lot of water and cleanser, the toilet is an excellent spot to do it because it lets a lot of water and cleaner go down at once.

Professional Drain Cleaning in Staten Island

5. Look for Professional Drain Cleaning

If you’ve done your part on maintaining a clean drain but still have a clogged system, then you should call a pro. Seek the assistance of a plumber who specializes in sewer cleaning since they will have access to the necessary equipment and skills to do the job. And it would be best if you asked the plumber you employ how long the process will take.

Unfortunately, not all blockages are easily removed, and some may even be signs of sewer line damage. So, contacting an expert in Sewer cleaning in Staten Island, NY, is your best bet when these issues occur. Saving time and money is easy when you have Sewer Cleaning Pros Staten Island inspect and clean your sewer lines!

Septic overflows are a nuisance that nobody wants to deal with. On top of that, wastewater leaves a persistent odor and stains whatever it touches. 

Don’t stress yourself out, and give us a call if you have any plumbing issues.